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Jono is an exceptionally skilled creative with the ability to clearly translate the desired ambiance to the built environment. It is a pleasure to work with an Architect who respects the skeleton of the structure as much as the final aesthetic. As the Engineer appointed to House James, I thoroughly enjoyed working closely with Jono on raw off-shutter and polished concrete details, and exposed steel and warm timber connection details that would result in an engaging experience with the modern space and not leave a cold and industrial impression. The appointed Contractor, Benno Terblanche of QSB Construction, also appreciated the intended outcome of the Project and delivered a high-quality product. Prospective Clients would do well to consider Maker d+a and Jono’s competent teams as the lead Consultant on their next build.
— Stacey | Engineer
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Jono James is extremely creative yet practical in his designs. For our house design he was able to blend the Frank Lloyd-Wright theme with our desire for a bush camp look and feel. He achieved this with a blend of concrete slabs, flat roofs and multi-pitches to give us an impressive home - compact but spacious, small but large in depth. His attention to detail kept the builder sharp and gave us the security of a complete package. Jono is flexible and developed a very good relationship with the project manager, builder, structural engineer and owner. We are ecstatic about our new home and are really impressed how Jono had the vision to create a unique design within huge constraints of plot size and topography. Our friends, neighbours and fellow residents of our estate are full of compliments and comment that the house is a credit to the Estate. Thanks a stack Jono for the wonderful experience of working with you to produce our dream home that is a credit to you as an architect and to your practice Maker d + a. We hope to see many more of your exceptional designs in our surrounding neighborhood.
— G James | Client

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We absolutely love our new house. My friends are amazed at what you have achieved On such an awkward site. Your Jono is really talented and well done Jono is the common comment from our friends and strangers alike.
— K James | Client