We ended the last post with the polished concrete floor, we’re starting this post with another image of this floor. The stone aggregate in the concrete seems somehow to swirl and shoal like fish.

Paint primer coats are going on as well as colour swatches for final paint. Greys and off-whites are the call.

There are contractors crawling all over this project now. Finish plaster, painting, decking and carpentry.

The raked chimney flue mentioned in the previous post is now evident, the stone cladding will come later. Pergola hot dipped steel will get a dark painted finish still.

The polished concrete floor is contiguous with the shower pans which will also be a case concrete and polished but with a slightly different aggregate mix to differentiate them.

The negative corner is getting more steel and the deck frame emulates the pergola frame.

Garage portal end is clear of any structure, timber uprights with clear polycarbonate sheeting fixed externally to create a weather tight wall and timber stripping on top of that is coming next. This becomes a light composite wall with translucency on the forest edge.

Main en-suite getting some finer details. The bath has a lowered window and the shower an elevated window to provide views of the forest.

The slab has more holes in it then just the one shown previously, these smaller ones sit above the windows for the WC’s near the entrance and are inside the trellis screen thats still to come. They were placed in strict accordance with structural steel in the slab,

Timber verticals fill the garage portal. ground floor plate, under portal timber plate and two horizontal girts (still coming) secure the timbers. The centers are set to match the IBR 686 profile sheeting.

Decking substructure is going in. Soil is stabilized below decking, a geosynthetic fabric dressed on that (Bidim), and covered with a crusher course. All decks have rain drains to fall below them.