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ERF 254 Brettenwood Coastal Estate.

A new residential build on Kwa Zulu-Natals north coast: #homenotahouse

Family HomE

Our clients wanted their part of the KZN north Coast lifestyle with the associated security and tranquility. This site at Brettenwood Coastal Estate is unique in it’s positioning and shape. It’s proximity to the Gulavan Rail gives the site the impression of being larger than it is and provides a forest backdrop to the bespoke design. The Idea of a bush-camp in the Coastal Forest prompted the tent-like roof forms with exposed structure over a central living area. The main en-suite is linked off this at an angle as if one has to walk the trail to their sleeping quarters, again a tent-like form with clerestory views of the night sky and ensuite that is by imagination and proximity to the forest an inside-outside space. The partial separation of the Master bedroom imbues it with privacy without being entirely separate.

“We believe in creating a home that supports the family dynamic”. To that end there are two en-suite bedrooms off the living areas for their children and grandkids to visit, outside living areas on two sides of the house make best use of the climate allowing one to escape either of the predominant winds in inclement weather. An open plan kitchen dining area with hidden pantry that also acts as back of house links to the garage via a garden yard, and there is another lounge / tv area offset from the main living space. The Garage design draws on the idea of arriving home and parking in ones own personal forest with filtered views into the forest through the garage end-wall-screen that wraps the corner.

Visitors approaching the house’s main entrance do so below a concrete canopy punched with holes casting patches of light onto the timber deck and filigree timber screen, past a corkwood tree inset in the deck, behind which stands a pivoting timber screen allowing framed glimpses of the forest behind. Standing at the entrance one has view through the home, out over the pool and to the distant view over the valley beyond, It draws you into the home. Closing the stable door behind you keeps small kiddies inside whilst allowing the welcome breeze to find you inside.

Rigorous design and thoughtfulness to construction techniques and detailing whilst encapsulating the clients needs and desires has resulted in a desirable home that fulfills many requirements and does so in style.

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